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Hi, I just joined this community. It may not have had any posts for a long time, but that can always change! I got my first ukulele a year ago, and it's a soprano Luna, C-tuned. My first big goal was to be able to strum with Christmas carols by the end of that year, and I reached it! It's amazing how easy it is to play. My next goal is to be able to listen to music that doesn't have tab written, and to come up with my own tab for them. I'm hoping to do that with some songs from Fraggle Rock. My favorite ukulele books are Ukulele Aerobics, and Lute to Uke.

What about you all? What's your favorite tuning, C or D? How long have you been practicing? What goals have you made up for yourself? What are your favorite books or other resources for learning ukulele?
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Hello! I'm thrilled to see someone post, thank you! I haven't actually tried any tunings outside of C -- do you have feelings about D? I mean, I got my first uke a little over five years ago (yikes!) but I'm such an undisciplined practicer and my goals are usually so one-off. That said, I did do a lot of link-searching a while back, and the tags might prove useful. This chord library, with all its many alternative fingerings, is definitely my favorite.
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