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This has been a personal project of mine on and off since this spring. I've finally come up with ukulele-friendly tabs for "Sigh No More, Ladies" from Kenneth Branagh's excellent Much Ado About Nothing. The only tabs I'd been able to find were for guitar, but after some tooling around, I've come up with the following. I think it sounds pretty good!

Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more / Men were deceivers ever... )

You can download a PDF here; sorry the above isn't text-only, but the formatting wasn't holding in terms of spacing out the lyrics with the notes. If anyone wants the plain text (RTF), drop me a line. If the formatting isn't making sense either, let me know. Happy Monday, gang!
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It's been my project this weekend to figure out how I can play "Sigh No More, Ladies" from Kenneth Branagh's Much Ado About Nothing (watch it here; it's lovely). Unfortunately, the only easily accessible tabs I've found have been guitar-only.

The internet is good to us, though; Missy has us covered with some tips (and illustrations) for converting guitar tabs to ukulele-useful tabs. I'm also contemplating looking into a capo, but that might just be me enjoying having stuff (the thing that would really help me out would be this thong, so that should come first).

I'm in transit at the moment, but if I manage to come up with some satisfactory results, I'll definitely share. Do you have any recent triumphs (or tribulations!) you want to talk about? Happy Monday, all!


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