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This interview (and streaming track) popped up on my Google News yesterday. (Yes, I have an alert for "ukulele." It's kind of delightful, I won't lie.) Sharon Van Etten has a very Cat Power-esque voice, though with a stronger delivery, to my ear. She talks about collaborating with Zach Condon, the wunderkind behind Beirut, and learning the ukulele for a song she wrote about dealing with social anxiety, "We Are Fine." (Her path to learning a new instrument sounds like Amanda Palmer's to me.) Relevant excerpts below!

It's not a normal thing. It's very much like inventing chords ... )
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Yoyoyo Acapulco is actually Norwegian, and while I haven't had a chance yet to look into their music, I am definitely digging their promotional style. Happy Friday, everyone, and may your weekend be as topsy-turvy and oddball as, well, an anti-folk marching band.

Yoyoyo Acapulco
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I know AFP put the ukulele on the radar for me again when I heard she was releasing an album of Radiohead covers. I Heart Guitar Blog recently did an interview with Ms. Palmer, part of a larger article for Beat Magazine, to be released soon. Here's the text, if the font is too hard to read on the original post.

It’s a deceptive little beast. And that’s why I fell in love with it. )
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Zee Avi is basically a ukulele YouTube phenomenon. She posted some videos of her original songs, got discovered by some big names and just generally exploded. This is a live version of "Just You and Me" that she recorded for NPR; I like it because not only is she completely darling and charming, but you can also see what her hands are doing, which, as a beginning player, I'm really coming to appreciate.

This is a seriously delightful, vintage-but-modern-sounding tune, highly recommended! I plan on looking into the rest of her stuff as soon as, er, I have the budget to do so.

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This is my friend Tally using one of her ukuleles to tell everybody that it's okay to be a nerd!

She also has a downloadable album - "Songs I Wrote In Class" - and has been featured in Glamour USA.

She's a fantastic individual and a sci-fi geek like me! I hope you'll all love her as much as I do!

Iz Lives

Dec. 28th, 2011 09:55 pm
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Since I was just chatting to our lovely mod about ukuleles and various artists who are worth investigating, I decided to look this one up.

Iz died a little while ago; this video - his memorial - makes me tear up in a happy way every time. Enjoy!


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