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Uke Hunt has you covered, tackling myths from that freaking Fmaj7 chord to whether or not you should start learning on a soprano.

Most helpful myth busted: that there's only one way to play a chord. As someone who'd never played a string instrument before, this was new to me and very helpful!
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Via Uke Hunt, check out this great/interesting chart of the most-used chords in ukulele songs:

Most used ukulele chords from Uke Hunt

Even more helpful, especially for beginners: Songs with Chords You Know, with links to a whole bunch of tabs and tutorials.
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Nope, your eyes do not deceive you. I say let's give this another whirl, starting with [ profile] kendrauke's awesome (and useful!) fretboard doodle.

 photo ukefretboard_zps228bd92d.jpg
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Drive-by rec for [ profile] reyalpeleluku, an active ukulele blog with a strong emphasis on vintage ukulele things! Has some demos and sheet music too, for the interested.
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Someone I follow on Twitter, possibly [ profile] Ukulele_Ike or [ profile] UkeHunt, recently linked something intriguing: Danno's Ukulele Three-Day Video Micro-Course (free, with video). The first video is about 20 minutes long, covering a lot of basics by way of teaching "Tonight You Belong to Me."

Video 2 "covers a ton of ideas, including movable chords, how to simplify difficult chords, and dealing with odd, old-fashioned tuning." It's 33 minutes.

Video 3 is another 20 minutes. All seem to cover techniques and tricks that I can't quite seem to get a handle on, so these could be useful for any of us.

There are also more helpful-looking posts on the main site, including hand and wrist health exercises, untrickifying tricky chords and TV theme songs on ukulele.
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Hi all! Brett over at the fantastic Ukulele Tricks is offering a really cool deal: his 180-minute series of video courses on learning better strumming is on sale. There's a regular $10 off thing going on, so access to the videos is $37 this weekend -- BUT! You can get 40% off if you enter the code "THANKSGIVING" (sans quotes) at checkout, so it's only $20.20.

You get personal access to Brett for Q&A with membership too, and he's a really nice guy whose lessons are clear and easy to follow for all levels. (You can preview a few at his website.) This lasts through Monday, and you pay through PayPal. Strumming and changing chords is still hard for me, so I'm looking forward to seeing what these can do.
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The Los Angeles Times has a fun little profile of the different kinds of people who pick up the ukulele. Feel like answering any of the questions yourself? Take to the comments!
How long have you been playing ukulele?

What inspired you to first pick it up?

What's your favorite song to play?
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Daily Ukulele is short today, because I'm in transit (hello from Ohio!). I just want to let you all know that The Beatles: Complete on Ukulele is a thing that exists. Covers of every single Beatles song. On ukulele. What it says on the label. Available in podcast form, or you can follow them on Facebook and other social media platforms of your choice.

To quote the word on the ceiling at the art exhibit where John met Yoko: Yes.
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I am deeply, deeply enamored of fingerstyle playing. Honestly, the most thrilling thing that's happened to me lately has been discovering this page of patterns you can use to try something other than strumming when you play. Delight!

Hope you've all had a good Monday, folks. ♥
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If you're not doing anything next weekend, Jake Shimabukuro and a bunch of other people are going to attempt to break a world record in Honolulu. You know, no big.

Happy Friday, all! Hope you have great weekends. <3
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By which I mean I'm late! But not too late. Appropriately, here, have a ukulele clock!

Ukulele clock by David Hansen

--nooo, that's totally a guitar! /o\ Have you been to Ukulele Languages? That place is pretty cool. Anyone found any good links lately?
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Good morning, good evening, good $timeofDay to all!

[personal profile] sporky_rat here, going some guest hosting while our intrepid originator [personal profile] newredshoes is off being intrepid and fantastic.

Let's get this started!

First off this week I have a lovely little number for you from Instructables! I'm sure that today, Saint Mark Downs' Day, there will be plenty of candy boxes available to use to make...

A Candy Box Ukulele!

(Image is of a Whitman's Sampler tin made into a ukulele).

Have fun, players! I'll see you shortly!
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I caught myself thinking, this morning, "what's more fun that playing an instrument so joyous as a ukulele? Surrounding yourself with other people who take joy in its delightful sound!"

So, in a fit of curiosity, I went looking for ukulele festivals. Here are some I found! If you know of any others, please comment and share the info!

The 42nd Annual Oahu Ukulele Festival, Sunday, July 22nd, 2012 - Waikiki, Oahu

The Mighty MO Ukulele Fest, Friday-Sunday, July 20th-22nd, 2012 - New Haven, Missouri

Tampa Bay Ukulele Getaway, Friday-Sunday, November 2nd-4th, Tampa Bay, Florida

New York Uke Fest 2012, Friday-Sunday, June 7th-10th, New York City, New York

Lone Star Ukulele Festival, Friday and Saturday, June 1st and 2nd, ????, ???? (They seriously say nothing about their location on their site.)

Ukulele Festival of Northern California, Sunday, April 1st, Hayward, California

Reno Ukulele Festival, Thursday-Sunday, March 29th-April 1st, Sparks, Nevada

Ukulele Festival of Great Britain, Friday-Sunday, June 1st-3rd, Cheltenham, England

Ukulele Boudoir Festival, Saturday, June 3rd.... there's actually no more information yet on this one. Somewhere in France?

Cairns Ukulele Festival, Friday, June 22nd, Thursday-Sunday, July 8th, Cairns, Queensland, Australia

If you know of any others, please comment and share the joy!
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Who's cool? [ profile] heartstringsfilm is cool! She's a fourth-year art student at Cal Arts whose final project is about a girl who decides to take up the ukulele. You should spend some time with this website -- it's got animation tests, character designs, story outlines and fun reference photos. Very cute! Happy Friday, friends.
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A history of the ukulele in the United States, including some write-ups of how it became so popular in the early part of the 20th century -- pretty interesting!

All part of an old exhibition at a museum in Honolulu -- the gallery of artifacts is really worth a look.
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Donate donate donate!

You'll ended up getting a love song from Seth Rogen, who is giving away the world's most caring Ukulele!

Seth Rogen is giving away the world’s most caring Ukulele—and he’s promising to sing a love song to one lucky fan who donates to the cause closest to his heart.

He's not the only one giving it some love, as Paul Rudd, Ty Burell and Aziz Ansari signed the mini-guitar at Hilarity for Charity’s first annual fundraiser earlier this year benefiting the Alzheimer’s Association, a charity dedicated ending the disease that has had a huge impact on Rogen’s life.

Both his grandmother and mother-in-law have Alzheimer’s.

To win, all you have to do is donate $26 or more!

The winner will be invited to respond with his or her own uke video tribute to Seth, which Seth has agreed to tweet out to his followers.
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Many thanks to [personal profile] sporky_rat for sending this my way! Guys, you can build working ukuleles out of cardboard. It's pretty involved, but fascinating.

If you search YouTube for "cardboard ukulele," you can find a bunch of really nifty videos of people both building and playing their instruments. Here's one doing a pretty great cover of "House of the Rising Sun."

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This interview (and streaming track) popped up on my Google News yesterday. (Yes, I have an alert for "ukulele." It's kind of delightful, I won't lie.) Sharon Van Etten has a very Cat Power-esque voice, though with a stronger delivery, to my ear. She talks about collaborating with Zach Condon, the wunderkind behind Beirut, and learning the ukulele for a song she wrote about dealing with social anxiety, "We Are Fine." (Her path to learning a new instrument sounds like Amanda Palmer's to me.) Relevant excerpts below!

It's not a normal thing. It's very much like inventing chords ... )


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