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Tsunehisa Ikeda not only figured out the tabs for "As Many Times As Always," the Joe Hisaishi-penned theme from the Spirited Away soundtrack, he recorded a video of his own performance, with the chords superimposed at the bottom. Color me hella impressed -- it sounds awesome.

Click here for tabs )
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Via Uke Hunt, check out this great/interesting chart of the most-used chords in ukulele songs:

Most used ukulele chords from Uke Hunt

Even more helpful, especially for beginners: Songs with Chords You Know, with links to a whole bunch of tabs and tutorials.
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This has been a personal project of mine on and off since this spring. I've finally come up with ukulele-friendly tabs for "Sigh No More, Ladies" from Kenneth Branagh's excellent Much Ado About Nothing. The only tabs I'd been able to find were for guitar, but after some tooling around, I've come up with the following. I think it sounds pretty good!

Sigh no more, ladies, sigh no more / Men were deceivers ever... )

You can download a PDF here; sorry the above isn't text-only, but the formatting wasn't holding in terms of spacing out the lyrics with the notes. If anyone wants the plain text (RTF), drop me a line. If the formatting isn't making sense either, let me know. Happy Monday, gang!
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I've been in a real Monty Python mood lately. What luck that this fellow seems to have covered the minstrels' Sir Robin song from Monty Python & The Holy Grail.

From the video description:
...for all of you who wanted the chords I use the following: Emin, B7, D and G
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Some days Daily Ukulele happens because I have an earworm and want to see if someone's made a ukulele cover; some days it happens because I have no idea what a particular artist would sound like on a uke, and I'm curious. No one seems to have recorded "I Like Dirt" that I can find, but the licks from "Scar Tissue" and "Californication" translate pretty well, all told.

Two videos, one with vocals, one instrumental )

For "Californication," the performer says in comments: "Chords were Am, and F for verse. They were C, G, D, and Am for the chorus."
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There are dozens of excellent covers of "Ain't No Sunshine" -- Eva Cassidy and Anomie Bell both deliver great versions -- but this ukulele recording is soulful and smooth and a few other things ukuleles aren't supposed to be.

From the comments, chords!
Intro 2x: Am Em G Am

Verse 2x: Am Em G Am

Where the chord changes
Dm F Em (go back up)
Thanks, [ profile] daddynoun! And happy Friday, all -- have a great weekend!

(And if you haven't checked it out, [community profile] ukuleles has a new layout. You can't go wrong with hibiscus, says I.)
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You've probably heard the Champs' classic '50s instrumental "Tequila." You haven't heard it like this before, though. Props to this guy, not just for his awesome playing and his wall of cool instruments behind him, but his epic vocal interjections!

The chords (if not the tabs), translated from the comments on the video:
The chords are almost always F and Eb alternates.

At the Bridge: G # and F 3 times then G and C.
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Maybe it's because I actually saw a commercial for the London Olympics this weekend (I don't have a TV, so commercials are kind of wondrous for me), but I'm feeling "London Calling" at the moment. There's something delicious about this awesome punk song on a ukulele (and deeply hilarious to see a bunch of people playing it).

From the comments on the video, if you want the chords:
it goes

Em, C, G

then in the chorus

Em, G, Em, D

Pretty simple!
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Hey folks! This is me coming to you from the other side of the Festival of Aloha World Record attempt. We didn't quite break the bank, but it was a really great hour or so of ukulele awesomeness -- if you ever get a chance to fill up a public space with ukulele players, it's a blast! This is the song we were taught, and Lanialoha Lee was a great, great teacher. Here's the sheet music, but try it just from the video; it was a new experience for me, and certainly the first time I'd really managed singing and playing at the same time.

For the interested, some pictures from the event!

14 photos )


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