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It's been my project this weekend to figure out how I can play "Sigh No More, Ladies" from Kenneth Branagh's Much Ado About Nothing (watch it here; it's lovely). Unfortunately, the only easily accessible tabs I've found have been guitar-only.

The internet is good to us, though; Missy has us covered with some tips (and illustrations) for converting guitar tabs to ukulele-useful tabs. I'm also contemplating looking into a capo, but that might just be me enjoying having stuff (the thing that would really help me out would be this thong, so that should come first).

I'm in transit at the moment, but if I manage to come up with some satisfactory results, I'll definitely share. Do you have any recent triumphs (or tribulations!) you want to talk about? Happy Monday, all!
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Hi, so. Pretty much entirely due to [personal profile] newredshoes and her sinister influence my recent decision to learn to play a musical instrument has been focused ukulele-wards.

BUT! I #1 have never played an instrument before in my life, #2 have no real idea where to start other than... getting said instrument.

So I would appreciate any advice, tips, tricks, encouragement you folks have to offer. I know there have been many helpful links that I am slowly exploring, but if there's anything else geared for ULTIMATE BEGINNER you might know of, hit me up.

But of top priority and the main reason for this post: this is probably where I'm going to be getting my ukulele (my only local ukulele seller, apparently!) and I... have no idea... what kind... or differences... or anything...?!?!

And I feel like just snagging the cheapest or fanciest or prettiest one might not be a good idea...



Dec. 29th, 2011 10:41 pm
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I bought a ukulele today. I blame [personal profile] newredshoes for posting about it ALL THE TIME and making me get all dreamy and envious.

In my childhood/teens I played piano, guitar, and for many years bass guitar, but haven't seriously picked up an instrument in about 13 years. But I already love this one - it just sounds so damn gorgeous!

I got a Tanglewood soprano, and spent some time this evening stretching the strings and noodling around. I downloaded a tuning app on my iphone and a chord chart. Already I'm remembering how hard it is to train strength and dexterity into my fingers.

Amanda Palmer's Radiohead covers album is also a big impetus for me. As much as my fannishness of AP is problematic, I adore those covers. I want to learn the Fake Plastic Trees chords for my first song - and of course, learn how to play and sing at the same time.

Any tips for a self-teaching ukulele beginner? Links or advice gladly welcomed!


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