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Hi all! Brett over at the fantastic Ukulele Tricks is offering a really cool deal: his 180-minute series of video courses on learning better strumming is on sale. There's a regular $10 off thing going on, so access to the videos is $37 this weekend -- BUT! You can get 40% off if you enter the code "THANKSGIVING" (sans quotes) at checkout, so it's only $20.20.

You get personal access to Brett for Q&A with membership too, and he's a really nice guy whose lessons are clear and easy to follow for all levels. (You can preview a few at his website.) This lasts through Monday, and you pay through PayPal. Strumming and changing chords is still hard for me, so I'm looking forward to seeing what these can do.
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Does anyone have any good video or something of someone strumming a song? I'm not very good at it and my brother in law finger picks all of his songs because he doesn't use chords.

On the plus side, I found tabs for Eye of the Tiger. Oh my gosh, so exciting. Now if I can just get it to sound like Eye of the Tiger!


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