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Tsunehisa Ikeda not only figured out the tabs for "As Many Times As Always," the Joe Hisaishi-penned theme from the Spirited Away soundtrack, he recorded a video of his own performance, with the chords superimposed at the bottom. Color me hella impressed -- it sounds awesome.

Click here for tabs )
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A song I really like: "I Lost Myself" by Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk.

If you like this, I highly recommend downloading their album for free (or for whatever donation you see fit) and telling your friends how lovely they are.
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Lana del Rey earworms me all the time, and I had to admit, I was curious how "Young and Beautiful" translates to ukulele. This Russian teenager totally imbues her performance and presentation with all the ardor and deep-seated longing that makes the song so compelling in the first place. Keep watching.

(Okay, if you really want a nice and kind of upbeat version, check out 14-year-old [!!?!] Laica Cassidy. Her chords are G - A - Bm - D, according to the comments. Sandy Tran has a video tutorial if you're into that too.)
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[personal profile] james_davis_nicoll has up a neat youtube video of a young lady playing the Ukulele for The Natural Satellites (Moon) Song.

Here's the link - All the Moons You Can Shake a Stick At!

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 Okay, I've realised I haven't posted here yet so here goes...

Found this little gem:

Never knew  music played by big bands translates so well to ukelele & double bass...


Dec. 13th, 2012 06:05 pm
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There was a Christmas-y ukulele flashmob at the local Hy-Vee grocery store in the town where my sister lives, on Monday. It's pretty awesome.

Embedded vid behind the cut! )

Ooh! Apparently the group who did the flashmob, Ukulele Macomb meets every Saturday morning for ukulele-ness and jam sessions on Tuesday nights, and are planning their first Ukulele Festival on June 7-8 this coming year! :D
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[ profile] tomscott posted this back in August, and frankly, coming back to it, I'm still delighted. A banjolele plus 50 Cent's "In Da Club" is a pretty genius combination. It's very Boardwalk Empire. Foul language and bleeps ahead!

You can see more about Ewan Wardrop and his George Formby impersonations here.
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I love Portishead. I love their twisty, distorted, often '20s-harkening sound. But what happens when you combine Beth Gibbons with a ukulele?

"Deep Water," apparently. Give it a listen:

Even a ukulele will sound eerie when Portishead gets behind it.

Then again, even Portishead will sound hopeful and cheery when there’s a ukulele involved.
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Want a song about NaNoWriMo to get you through your daily wordcount (or just your day)? Leon Wingstein has you covered.

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This Oxford, Mississippi-based hipster sensation shows us how it's done. Apparently in his sophomore album he's moved on from the ukulele, since he doesn't want to be pigeonholed, but frankly he makes it a pretty good hole to be pigeoned in.

(There's also an official music video, but I like this version best.)
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Still, who needs to watch Some Like It Hot again? Me, for certain.

(There's not a whole lot of actual ukulele playing in this clip, but... oh well? Happy weekend, folks!)

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I've been in a real Monty Python mood lately. What luck that this fellow seems to have covered the minstrels' Sir Robin song from Monty Python & The Holy Grail.

From the video description:
...for all of you who wanted the chords I use the following: Emin, B7, D and G
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I love watching Jake Shimabukuro. The dude's a genius, and he's clearly having so much fun. I'm always impressed by how he reminds me how much sound our little ukes can make. Here he is covering Adele's "Rolling in the Deep" (I confess I am a sucker for that song), and for one guy with a tiny instrument, he sure is creating a big, big noise.

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I've been saying for weeks now that I'm going to bring back Daily Ukulele. No more waiting! Hope everyone's been doing well -- any breakthroughs, people who play? Or people who have begun to play? Sing out! (Redwall made a very strong impression on me as a kid.)

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I say "sort of" for this Daily Ukulele because I'm not entirely certain of what my availability is going to be at any given point over the next few weeks. If anyone feels the urge or desire to post something here when it looks like I might not, please (as always!) feel free to do so. <3

From twenty | one | pilots (or however we should render their name): "A couple of days ago we shot this video before, during and after our show at House of Blues in Cleveland, OH. Here’s a cover of Elvis Presley’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love” on ukulele."

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And I only say that because Dean Winchester did the first. This dude, on the other hand, cloned himself, which, you have to admit, is a pretty excellent feat.

Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past! Happy weekend, everybody.
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Some days Daily Ukulele happens because I have an earworm and want to see if someone's made a ukulele cover; some days it happens because I have no idea what a particular artist would sound like on a uke, and I'm curious. No one seems to have recorded "I Like Dirt" that I can find, but the licks from "Scar Tissue" and "Californication" translate pretty well, all told.

Two videos, one with vocals, one instrumental )

For "Californication," the performer says in comments: "Chords were Am, and F for verse. They were C, G, D, and Am for the chorus."


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