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Someone I follow on Twitter, possibly [ profile] Ukulele_Ike or [ profile] UkeHunt, recently linked something intriguing: Danno's Ukulele Three-Day Video Micro-Course (free, with video). The first video is about 20 minutes long, covering a lot of basics by way of teaching "Tonight You Belong to Me."

Video 2 "covers a ton of ideas, including movable chords, how to simplify difficult chords, and dealing with odd, old-fashioned tuning." It's 33 minutes.

Video 3 is another 20 minutes. All seem to cover techniques and tricks that I can't quite seem to get a handle on, so these could be useful for any of us.

There are also more helpful-looking posts on the main site, including hand and wrist health exercises, untrickifying tricky chords and TV theme songs on ukulele.
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Hi all! Brett over at the fantastic Ukulele Tricks is offering a really cool deal: his 180-minute series of video courses on learning better strumming is on sale. There's a regular $10 off thing going on, so access to the videos is $37 this weekend -- BUT! You can get 40% off if you enter the code "THANKSGIVING" (sans quotes) at checkout, so it's only $20.20.

You get personal access to Brett for Q&A with membership too, and he's a really nice guy whose lessons are clear and easy to follow for all levels. (You can preview a few at his website.) This lasts through Monday, and you pay through PayPal. Strumming and changing chords is still hard for me, so I'm looking forward to seeing what these can do.
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I found when I was looking for help with fingerpicking, and I definitely found it -- their drills are really straightforward and useful. But the rest of the lessons are equally clear and useful, if you find learning from text, charts and images helpful. To top it off (er, literally), there's a tuner embedded in the header material, so you'll never have to search around for your GCEA. Best of all -- yes indeed! -- it's all free.

Anyone else have any online lessons/classes/schools you enjoy?
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Hey guys! For today's post, I actually wanted to alert you to a feature on the [community profile] ukuleles community page. On the left column is a collection of links that you might find helpful. This is a quick run-down of what you can get from each. Some of these sites have premium content that I haven't explored yet, but if any of you decide to give that a shot, I'd love to hear about it!

Ukulele Tricks was the first website I found in my search for outside help, thanks to its great online tuner. Site maintainer Brett McQueen has a very easygoing, friendly style. He posts videos, tutorials, sheet music and tips on a variety of topics, from the very basics (choosing an instrument for beginners) to reading music (including tabs), strumming, fingerpicking and more. His free ebook, Your First Ukulele Lesson and Then Some, is great, and I'm just getting into his chord library too.

Dr. Ukulele's Waiting Room is run by an actual MD who performs with his daughters. The real gold mine is his song library of free downloadable PDFs, many of them "classic" or "traditional" songs.

Ukulele Underground aims to teach classes through video, and they do a great job -- the instructors are really engaging and personable, and it looks like they're filmed in Hawaii, which is definitely an added bonus in my book. The lessons are both practical (check out Ukulele Minute for tips on things as basic as how to hold your ukulele) and song-related.

Ukulele Tabs is a gold mine of popular sheet music. This is where you'll find your arrangements of everything from Dusty Springfield to Def Leppard to Neutral Milk Hotel. The tabs are all user-submitted, and because of copyright issues, there aren't always full lyrics posted, but with a little fiddling you can generally figure out what you need to know.

Ukulele Songs is another free sheet site, with a smaller selection but with full lyrics.

Ukulele Hunt is one I've just discovered, but it looks like a clearinghouse for pretty much anything ukulele-related you could ask for. There seems to be less free content in terms of ebooks and lessons, though it does have beginner tips and instrument/accessory reviews.

I'm always on the lookout for more links to share, so if you guys find a site you really like, please feel free to post about it here!


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