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I found when I was looking for help with fingerpicking, and I definitely found it -- their drills are really straightforward and useful. But the rest of the lessons are equally clear and useful, if you find learning from text, charts and images helpful. To top it off (er, literally), there's a tuner embedded in the header material, so you'll never have to search around for your GCEA. Best of all -- yes indeed! -- it's all free.

Anyone else have any online lessons/classes/schools you enjoy?
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I am deeply, deeply enamored of fingerstyle playing. Honestly, the most thrilling thing that's happened to me lately has been discovering this page of patterns you can use to try something other than strumming when you play. Delight!

Hope you've all had a good Monday, folks. ♥
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I've been making some progress on fingerpicking, beyond my now-awesome ability to play "Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star" from memory (but not much else). The thing that had been holding me back was the actual "how to move your fingers" bit. When the tabs tell you to go 0-3-5-7 on a string, I kept fouling up. "My fingers don't stretch that far!" I would cry.

Ukulele's my first string instrument. My musical experience is mostly piano and wind, which is all about where your fingers go.

So imagine how proud I was when I realized that I could just... slide my finger... down the string. Obvious to everyone else in the world, but I needed telling, so, there you go!

(There are still some things I need to sort out, with regards to which finger in which order is best to use on the neck. There's plenty of info on how to pick with your right hand, but less about arranging your fingers so you can move them quickly and they don't just run into each other all the time. Links or advice would be most appreciated if you know of any!)

Anyone have any breakthroughs or similar delightful stories of lightbulb moments to share? Hope you're all having lovely weekends!
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[ profile] ukulelesecrets seems to have sporadic updates, but the ones that are there seem useful. I've been really into figuring out fingerpicking, and this quick tutorial on a really pleasant-sounding pattern seems to have wide implications -- Tim uses it to play Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire"!

Go here for text and visuals; the video's below.

To prove that it really works, here's me tooling around on my couch with it!

(And a quick note: this is the first use of the video: me! tag. Just to be clear, this isn't reserved for just videos of me, [personal profile] newredshoes -- it's for anyone who wants to post video [or sound only, or pictures!] of themselves playing. So, yes! That's there. Happy Thursday, all. ♥)


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